Minimalism and the use of whitespace are big design trends right now. Mastery of these techniques might look easy at first glance, but it is actually quite difficult to design with so much open space and so few objects. It can be hard for clients to come to terms with because they often want as much information as possible on a canvas.

When designers talk about minimalism, there’s often a “you’ll know it when you see it” attitude about the technique. There is no perfect formula that makes something minimal or not.

This is more than just a graphic design theory. Minimalism is used across a number of disciplines including art, music, fashion, home decorating and literature. Often when people talk about minimalism, the phrase “less is more” gets repeated. While this may sound cliché, it is used because it is one of the best ways to describe the minimal style.

Minimal design is about :

  • Simplify Content
  • Strip Away Design Tricks
  • Focus on Details
  • Color Needs Purpose
  • Think About Type
  • Incorporate Plenty of Whitespace


When it comes to a minimal design, only use elements that contribute to readability and usability. Everything else is just a decoration.

Thinking about this design technique really is just a lesson in going back to the basics. Sometimes it is easier to over-design than to just design. Tricks and decoration seem to almost creep in without us knowing it. Fight the urge to add extras and create with a typeface, a color, a grid and a common theme.



Kasra Najafi

I was born in 1991 and I have studied CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) at Tehran Institute of Technology . i have 6 years experience in Graphic and Web designing